Candy (464)

Half-staakboon met tweekleurige bonen : een roosrode grondkleur met donkerrode strepen en vlekken.

“Semi runner/Dry. 106 DTM. Large seeds. Found in my garden in 1982, and named by me. Never listed it in the SSE yearbook until 2013. Sent seed to Ralph Stevenson (MI ST R) of Michigan in 1984 from which it spread through SSE. Older versions of SSE yearbook history read under MI ST R (from Russell Crow of Ill.), and Anne Fuller of Indiana IN FU A (a find from IL CR R). Sold by two Canadian seed companies. Kept in the Seed Savers Exchange collection numbered SSE Bean 2764, and the USDA under number PI642162. A bean called Big Light Red Trout is the seed mother of Candy."

Ref. Russ Crow

Donor : Jannes Aalders uit Groningen-NL-


Oogst Meise-2010-

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