Aunty Wilder (1033)

Aunty Wilder (1033)

Staakboon met dieppaarse peulen en beigekleurige zaden. Slaboon.

“Originally from Dorothy Barnett of Shelton, Washington who received this heirloom variety from her mother, who obtained it from her nurse “Auntie Wilder”, an immigrant from Sweden who brought the variety with her in the 1890’s. The tall vines produce long flat purple pods that have won top honors in taste tastes. The beige seed can also be used dry. (60 days for snaps)” Ref. Heritage Harvest Seed.

Donor : Peter Bauwens-De Nieuwe Tuin-De Klinge-B-

Aunty Wilder-1

Beigebruine grote platte niervormige zaden-------------------paarse peulen----------foto peter Bauwens.



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