Bird egg blue (626)

Bird egg blue (626)

Struikboon met lila bloemen en mooie blauw/wit gevlekte bonen.

Krachtige en gezonde planten.

"Bush/Dry. This bean originated in my garden 1981 and named by me. Has been wonderfully stable ever since it's discovery. Plants are upright in growth without runners. The bean is late in maturity and pushes the season right up to our killing frosts in October here in Northern Illinois. I did not keep a record of every single variety from which each cross came from. It would be an interesting little bit of bean history had I had that information on this variety now. I first introduced this bean in the 1983 SSE yearbook"


Donor : Russell Crow uit Woodstock (USA)

Bird egg blue-2016
Bird egg blue-R-626

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