Danish Cat

Danish Cat (940)

Struikboon met witte bloemen, licht gevlekte peulen en mooie tweekleurige bonen in hevig grijs met zwarte vlek aan de navel.

Bekomen door Vivi Logan uit Copenhagen-Denemarken-uit ‘Painted Pony’…

“The story is a friend of mine growing 4 different bush beans for drying, one of them is “Painted Pony” giving the pattern. Over the years they cross a lot, but of all the different varieties created in the crosses, Danish Cat is the one that shows up in the smallest amount. Later by close observations I have found the temperature is responsible for the gray shade. During the summer the beans produced are either white with black pattern or very light gray with black pattern. When the weather cools down the beans produced are the slate gray with black pattern. So in a cool summer one probably gets more of the slate gray colour, than in a hot summer. We have grown them in different areas of Denmark, they don't seem to be affected by the different soils.”

 Donor :  Vivi Logan-Copenhagen-Denmark

Danish cat-2022-


Foto Vivi Logan

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