George’s bean

George’s bean (517)

Deze staakboon lijkt sterk op andere rassen met hetzelfde bonenpatroon zoals "Coco de Bohème' 'Papa de Rola" "Moca with Cherry"...

„Thought to have originated in Poland, this variety produces creamish-white flowers followed by very attractive pods that, when mature, are green flushed with red. Can be used fresh as a succulent, stringless green bean, ideal for salads. Alternatively, the half white and half red, sometimes mottled, dried beans make an attractive addition to soups and stews. Seed Guardian Jackie Newey thinks that they are “amazing!” and grows some every year“

Ref. Heritage seed list

Donor is Jean-Luc Gatard uit Réaumur-F-

Peinsippe's-champagne top 10-2016-Part 2

Op N° 4 "George's Bean'--onderaan in de champagne tablet op N° 1 bovenste rij.



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