Lazy Housewife

Lazy Housewife (230)

‘Lazy Housewife’ is een staakboon met brede groene peulen en met bruinrose grote eivormige bonen.

“Climbing french Phaseolus vulgaris Introduced by German immigrants in the early 1800s. 'Straight 5 inch stringless green pods', is how most catalogues describe it. But this variant is 8in long, with pods distinctly curved at the end like a scimitar! Up to 8 seeds per pod. Very prolific. The term 'Lazy Housewife' has been applied to several different cultivars of heirloom beans…“

John Yeoman-UK-2005-

Lazy Housewife-2
Lazy Housewife-2006

Links de grote bruinrose bonen en rechts aanbiedingen in de Seed savers yearbook uit 2005 : verwarring tussen 'Lazy Housewife' en 'Lazy Wife'


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