Major cook’s (447)(604)

Major cook’s (447)(604)

Staakboon van het Borlotto-type.

“Pole. Productive plants climb over 8'. 5.5" pods splashed bright red turn deep purple as pods become curved before drying. Multi purpose. Pods are fiberless, thick walled and juicy with a strong flavor. Sweet rich and pleasant. If you eat the whole beans they will stay intact in a casserole. The texture is buttery, silky, rich and sweet. British citizen Harold Luxton was in France during WW1. He returned to work as a gardener for the War Graves Commission under a Major Cook. Breeding a bean to their liking. Luxton was awarded a British Empire medal from the Royal Horticultural Society for his work.”  Ref. Russ Crow

Donor : Ruud Bruijn & Jannes Aalders-NL-

Major cook



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