Nez Perce (1016)

Nez Perce (1016)

Genoemd naar de Indiaanse stam Nez Perce uit Idaho-USA-

In Bohnen-atlas vonden we deze informatie, overgenomen van ‘Adaptive Seeds’ :
"80 days. A light golden-brown, small dry bean rivaling other beans for early maturity. With its mild and creamy flavor, Nez Perce is a good all-purpose bean, and especially delightful when cooked as refried beans. Similar to Indian Woman Yellow, but smaller and with a lighter colored seed coat.Very reliable and easy to grow in cool summer or short season areas. Short bushy plants show indeterminate growth but are easily harvested once most of the pods have dried down. As the name suggests, it is believed to originate with the Nez Perce tribe in Eastern Oregon and Idaho, however the bean’s history with the tribe is uncertain. Other similar bean varieties were grown by tribes further east and the seed may have been brought by settlers to the area. Grown in northern Idaho in the 1930s by Henry Marcus Purnell and maintained for decades in Idaho by the Denny Family.[...]"

Donor : Arnold Arthur Frauz uit Dornbirn-Austria-

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Tekst en de geelgouden bonen zijn van "Terre de Semences"-Saint Menoux--F-

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