Nonna Agnes (1001)

Nonna Agnes (1001)

Synoniemen : ‘Tante Agnes’ 'Aunt Agnes'

Productieve staakboon met paarslila bloemen, paarse stengels, platte decoratieve peulen en blauwe bonen.

Meestal droogboon.

Door ‘Botanical explorer” Joe Simcox in Noord-Italië gevonden…

“Joe Simcox, The Botanical Explorer, introduces one of the most astounding finds in years! -
A dry bean that is the color of sapphires! This blue bean originally comes from selections that were made by a now unknown “Nonna” (Grandmother) in the Northern Italian Town of Bernardo. Apparently she had a passion for blue. Without any further information on this mysterious Grandmother, Joe decided to name the bean after his own Grandmother Agnes. Her maiden name was Corneli and it is believed that her family may have had roots in Northern Italy. This bean is an extremely productive and vigorous pole bean. A minor percentage of beans will be less vivid colors of blue or even tan, however diligent selection will purify this most amazing landrace! These beans were lovingly grown in Michigan by Joe’s younger sister Susan, who spent hundreds of hours tending them in 2016.... Beautiful and Amazing!”

Ref.‘Baker Creek Heirloom seed company’-2017-

Nonna Agnes-2020-3

Oogst Meise-2020-

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