O‘Driscoll (1087)

Vroegrijpende staakboon met mooie tweekleurige bonen : grijsblauw met paarse strepen en vlekken.

Qua bonenpatroon lijkt dit ras wat op 'Plum large speckled Romania'

Een mooi verhaal vonden we bij ‚Bohnen-atlas‘, de tekst is overgenomen uit de catalogus van ‚Adaptive seeds‘ :

"We are always on the lookout for short season adapted dry beans and O’Driscoll is one of the best in this category. We discovered how great O’Driscoll performs early in our Seed Ambassadors Project variety trials and after trialing several hundred more varieties of beans O’Driscoll is still one of the best. A rounded egg shaped bean with beautiful gray/lavender color and deep purple speckles. The flavor is rich with a texture almost like new potatoes. Very tolerant of cool weather and very early maturing for a pole bean. Pods set early and fairly low on moderately tall vines. The flat, green pods flecked with purple are suitable as a snap bean when young. A true heirloom from the O’Driscoll family in England. Our original source was the Heritage Seed Library, England, in 2007."

Donor : Jannes Aalders-Groningen-NL-




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