Phaesant Eye

Phaesant Eye

Of ‘Fazanten-oog’ zo genoemd omwille van de gelijkenis van een fazanten-oog met het patroon van deze boon.

“Originated from a plant found in ‘Bountiful’, it retains all the good points of that variety with added symmetry of pod… The dry bean is slim, kidney shaped. Color white , splashed more or less at eye side with yellowish brown, which coloring also surrouds eye. The name, Pheasant eye, was suggested by this coloring”

Ref. Ohio Valley seed co in Sycamore (USA)-1911-

„dull veiny white, blotched about eye and toward one with yellowish brown, changing to light brown with band of same color over other end and spots irregulary distributed near margins of patches“ Ref. "Beans of NY-1931-p.47" Hedrick U.P.

phaeseant eye-ohio seed
Ohio 1911


Ohio Valley seed co in Sycamore (USA)-1911-

Collection "Ventmarin"

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