Pink Emperor

Pink Emperor (1179)

Struikboon met lichtrose bloemen, lange peulen en dieprose niervormige zaden.

Door Russ Crow gevonden in een zaailing van ‘African Premier”

Donor : Gabriel Hess- Oeschenbach-CH-

“Bush/Dry. 95 days to first dry pods. This bean is one of six segregations I found in my African Premier grow out in 2014 having worked with it for the last six years. African Premier is it's seed grandmother. Plants are very productive, large and massive for a bush plant of over 20 inches tall. Pods 7 to 8 inches long are commonly found among it's foliage. Pods are longer and straighter than those of African Premier. Seeds are about kidney bean size. 25 seeds would produce 2 to 2.5 pounds of these beans.” Ref. Russ Crow

Pink Emperor-2022-4

Oogst Meise-2022-

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